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    Thumbs down Flash CS3 + Flash Lite 1.x + dynamic text + embedded fonts = broken?

    I've made a Flash Lite 1.1 movie in Flash 7 (Flash MX 2004) on the Mac. In it, I had a dynamic text field which I wanted to render as a particular font, so I embedded the font in the movie. This worked without problems previously.

    Now, opening up the same file in Flash CS3 (and not changing anything), when I test/publish the movie, the dynamic text with embedded fonts won't display.

    Similar to many people before, when I don't embed the font, the text field displays, but with a system font. When I do embed the font, the text doesn't render (even if the font is in the library).

    The key thing that seems to have changed here seem to be the version of Flash.

    The problem, I hope, is easy to recreate.

    1. Open Flash CS3
    2. Make a new Flash Lite 1.1 file.
    3. Make a text field on stage with some text in it.
    4. Set it to a font of your choice (something nice and distinctive... I used Babelfish in my case).
    5. Set it to "dynamic" and ensure that "Anti-alias for animation" is selected (everything else can be left default)
    6. Embed the need character set for the font for what you've typed.
    7. Test the movie.

    Did anybody get this to work (the text displayed)?

    My movies made in a previous version of Flash (7) DID work. Now it doesn't.
    If you change the publish settings from Flash Lite 1.1 to 2.x or higher, the problem goes away.

    However, as everybody who's worked with Flash Lite knows, the penetration rates for Flash Lite 1.x are faaaar higher than later versions of Flash Lite, so changing to Flash Lite 2.x isn't feasible. Having to revise the code doesn't appeal much either.
    But the look is important here as well so I don't want to have to resort to system fonts.

    Can anybody confirm this problem is happening with them and if possible, suggest a solution or workaround?


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    Re: Flash CS3 + Flash Lite 1.x + dynamic text + embedded fonts = broken?


    I encountered this problem with Flash CS3 on the Mac a while ago. I filed a bug report with Adobe, but never heard back from them. One of the mobile evangelists at Adobe was going to make some inquiries about the status of the bug report, but I never heard back from them on it either.

    Here are the workarounds that I'm aware of:

    1. Use device fonts (not an attractive option, I know);
    2. Do most of your dev work on your Mac, then load the FLA file into an older version of Flash and publish it from there. This works if you save the file out as a Flash 8 FLA, or if you load the CS3 FLA on a PC (as long as the embedded fonts exist on your PC, this will work fine - it worked for me). Although I don't think that CS3 can save as MX 2004 Pro FLA files, so you might be out of luck on this one;
    3. Buy Flash CS4, as I believe the problem was fixed at some point. Download the demo and test it out first just to make sure, as it's been a while since I tested this so I could be mistaken about that.

    My guess is that this is a relatively rare problem, which is why it was never given much attention. And now that CS4 is out, it's unlikely that it will ever be fixed in CS3.

    Sorry, wish I could be of more help!


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    Re: Flash CS3 + Flash Lite 1.x + dynamic text + embedded fonts = broken?

    Exactly the same problem.
    I still haven't found a solution for that.

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