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    Help for developing qt S60 programs in pure code mode!?

    QT S60 use carbide only for ever!?
    But after using, I think it's so hard to use.
    First time I used, I could not open source files in carbide IDE.
    After some unkown drop and drag, source files opened, but the navigator and opened sources layout.
    I have no words.

    So, I want to know how to develop qt S60 programs in pure code mode, just like I have done sometimes on Windows/X11 platform.
    I don't like ui files generated by carbide, and I think it's disordered in version control systems.

    For example:
    What .pro file should I write? How can I generate Makefile with qmake, and compile it in command line?

    Can someone help and show me the example?

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    Re: Help for developing qt S60 programs in pure code mode!?

    Sorry for not seeing the article:
    How to Compile Qt(.cpp) file from command prompt?

    cd dir_hold_sources
    qmake -project

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    Re: Help for developing qt S60 programs in pure code mode!?


    I'd suggest you give Carbide.c++ another chance. It's Eclipse based so you can modify the layout. You might also need to change which perspective you are using (look in the top right hand corner). It's a lot better than some of the other IDEs I've used. It also lets you do important things like on-device debugging.

    However, you can of course use the command line and any text editor you like. If you look at the sticky thread on this discussion board you'll find some links to resources, including the developer library. That contains details of the S60 specific extensions to the .pro file. Otherwise you just use the same .pro that you would for other platforms. You can use qmake and then make (as long as you're using the Temple release) to build the project.

    Alternatively, after running qmake, you can do:
    bldmake bldfiles
    abld build winscw udeb (for the emulator)
    abld build gcce udeb (for the target device)

    To start the emulator from the command line you can either type 'epoc', or just launch the executable you've built directly.


    P.S. If you don't know how to write a .pro file then, typing 'qmake -project' will create one for you based on the sources in the current directory (and sub-directories).

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    Re: Help for developing qt S60 programs in pure code mode!?


    I'll try more times.
    I'm accustomed to use Microsoft Visual 2003/2005, and sometimes use Code::Blocks under *nix platform, the default layout is just fit me.

    It's not difficult to modify the project file with customed libs.
    But when I use the default template generated by qmake, run the tutorial programs, on-device debug is OK, but the emulator just disappears. I don't know what happened.
    So, I think it's time to fit myself to carbide++.

    I just want to advice to NOKIA for a default carbide layout with fixed project navigator and source file editor.

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