I am making an application that involves a particular binary packet communication between a movile device and a server. Because its binary data, I need to use SocketConnection instead of HttpConnection.

Particullary, when I try to open the socket with this line: (the server is working)

c = (SocketConnection)Connector.open("socket://localhost:14000");

With Wireless Toolkit of Sun ver 2.2 and ver 2.5 works fine. The emulator for Nokia6131 NFC works good also. But in S40 emulator 6.0 and Nokia6212 Classic Emulator, the phone prompts an alert that say "Web setting: SDK GPRS" and hangs.

The Connector.open throws this exception: "IOException: java.io.IOException: Error occured whilst opening connection"

Any hint what I am wrong on this emulators?. Some configuration that I miss?.

I test in trusted and untrusted domain but no results.

Thanks in advance.