I am trying to post the xml data in chunk by using RHTTPSession

IssueHTTPPostL(const TDesC8& aUri, const TDesC8& aContentType, const TDesC8& aBody)
TUriParser8 url; //Parse string to URI
//Copy data to be posted into member variable;
//iPostData is used later in methods inherited from MHTTPDataSupplier.
if(iPostData != NULL)
delete iPostData;
iPostData = NULL;

iPostData = aBody.AllocL();

/Get request method string for HTTP POST
RStringF method = iSession.StringPool().StringF(HTTP::EPOST,

/ Open transaction with previous method and parsed uri. This
// class will receive transaction events in MHFRunL and MHFRunError.
iTransaction = iSession.OpenTransactionL(url, *this, method);

//Set headers for request; user agent, accepted
//content type and body's content type.
RHTTPHeaders hdr = iTransaction.Request().GetHeaderCollection();
SetHeaderL(hdr, HTTP::EUserAgent, KUserAgent);
SetHeaderL(hdr, HTTP::EAccept, KAccept);
SetHeaderL(hdr, HTTP::EContentType, aContentType);

//Set this class as an data supplier. Inherited
//MHTTPDataSupplier methods are called when framework needs to send body data.
MHTTPDataSupplier* dataSupplier = this;

//Submit the transaction. After this the framework
//will give transaction events via MHFRunL and MHFRunError.

iRunning = ETrue;

I am posting the url as
but in respoonse i got <H2>The requested URL could not be retrieved</H2>
The following error was encountered:
Invalid URL
then in MHFRunL
Event Status
MHFRunL Complete
Event Status
I am using vodafone mobile connect internet APN.
Thanks N regards
Sanjeev Mehta