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    Post Displaying image on Emulator/Mobile


    i m using S60 3rd edition and J2ME .
    i want to display image on emulator using createImage() function.
    i m trying to give source path for image but its not working.......

    createImage(Image source)

    plz tell me where should i store image and how should i give its path .......

    i m using .png image

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    Re: Displaying image on Emulator/Mobile

    u could place image in the root directory of ur project...
    and then acces it with createImage("/image.png");

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    Re: Displaying image on Emulator/Mobile

    You can use createImage() to create the Image object and display it in a Form or Canvas. You can read the images from Local FileSystem, Internet or as bundled along with JAR file or from RecordStore.

    How to read an image from Gallery in Java ME

    How to read an image file from the JAR

    How to receive an image from the server

    Hope this helps!

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