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    Access c:/private folder - ActiveFile - Required application access not granted


    I have downloaded one big file of 10mb over the weekend and saved it by mistake into the phone memory - c:/private folder.
    I have Nokia E51 and I used opera mini to download it. Now if i look into the Phone Memory - Memory Details i see that the MIDP apps are taking
    10mb more space than before. I tried to install ActiveFile which i signed myself so that i will be able to view the contents
    of c:/private to delete that file, but i get "Required application access not granted" during installation.
    The only thing i want to do is to delete that file so that i can free up my phone memory. I installed x-plore and it shows
    that the private folder is empty, but i dont think its correct, i think it does not have permissions to view the contents.
    I dont understand why Nokia allows opera mini to download a file into the private folder but does not allow us to view the
    contents of it and delete it. If it was supposed to be read-only opera mini shouldnt have access to put files in it. Unless
    the file is not really under C:/private after all, but opera mini put it under a folder that i cannot see in x-plore. That's
    why i want to install ActiveFile, to see where that file went.

    I dont know if this is the correct forum for this question, please point me to the correct one.

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