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    Unhappy How to get the Text of a ticker?

    Hell Friends,

    I am working on a project of J2ME where-in my requirement is to have a ticker on the application. The text on the ticker can be as :-
    Hi Hello How are you? Bye bye

    So now when this text is displayed what is want is if the text displayed in the ticker is Hi then that shall be displayed on the other form... and if Hello is there than Hello shall be displayed and so on........

    My concern is whether this is possible i mean whether it is possible to get the
    text which is being displayed in the ticker and perform some opertaion on it.

    Its Urgent!!!

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: How to get the Text of a ticker?

    Yes, use
    public String getString()method of J2me Ticker.

    It Gets the string currently being scrolled by the ticker.

    e.g.: String text=Ticker.getString();

    ~Amitabh Srivastava

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    Re: How to get the Text of a ticker?

    Thanks Amitabh.

    With the Ticker.getString() function i get the whole string what i want is a part of the text which is visible to the user.. suppose user is able to see "Hello" and the rest of the string is yet to be visible to user...

    Hope you understood my problem.

    Thanks !!

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    Re: How to get the Text of a ticker?


    you cannot get the visible text part with the inbuilt Ticker component. Only available option would be to build your own Ticker (e.g. Canvas-based, or by extending CustomItem, depending on your needs).


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