Hi All

I tried using the WebClient Engine from the example

I converted that engine to accept POST methods

I send a lot of POST data... The app seems to work fine..

I ve implemented an active object which repeatedly calls the IssueHttpPOST after equal intervals say 10 seconds or so...

The first 4 to 5 requests are sent correctly but suddenly the data sent was found to be wrong

Then when the app cribbed {as i didn handle exception cases}

My server said the data sent is not in valid format but this same code was sending correct data for the previous successful transactions

Is there a limitation that we must send only a limited amount of data?
Is there a limitation that we can send only limited amount of requests

Please help me out in this

First few minutes it is working fine ... Data was sent to the server and response was handled

But suddenly the Data sent was not in the right format as said by my server

Please help me out...

Is there any known issues with the Engine?

Thanks in Advance