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    Wink Make programmes on GCCE quickly

    Everybody is using ABLD BUILD GCCE UREL to compile our programs on GCCE. But if you modify your code and wanna rebuild the programme on GCCE quickly, there is a easy way to do it.

    1. Go to epoc32
    2. Find a dir named BUILD then enter it
    3. For example of HelloWorldBasic on my pc, it is
    There is a file generated by bldmake, named HELLOWORLDBASIC.GCCE, find it and use the following command:
    make -r -s -f HELLOWORLDBASIC.GCCE
    Then you can rebuild this program quickly.

    Enjoy :)

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    Re: Make programmes on GCCE quickly


    This is not very different from running:
    abld target gcce urel
    Basically, abld build does several stages and often the one that takes a relatively long time on a small project is making sure the makefiles are up-to-date. If you know you haven't changed your MMP file then you can often get away with just running the target step.


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    Re: Make programmes on GCCE quickly

    Thank you for your comments.
    I agree with Sorcery-ltd.ABLD BUILD will do some check work to make sure to compiling is up-to-date.use make directly maybe will introduce some unnecessary omitting.

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    Re: Make programmes on GCCE quickly

    Thank you guys for responses.

    I think you guys misunderstood what I meant. Thinking about this case, if you just modify ONE LINE code, and then wanna get some result on your device, not emulator. I think making Makefile directly is a good way to deploy your SIS quickly. Of course, if you are updating your MMP, ABLD BUILD GCCE UREL is a correct way.

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