Hi All,

I am creating one Alarm

            RASCliSession iSession; // client interface to alarm server
            TASShdAlarm iAlarm; //Alarm object

            TTime ihomeTime;
            ihomeTime.HomeTime(); // Get Current Hometime(local time set in mobile)

            TInt interval = 10;
            // interval – Give seconds after which alarm should expire
            TTimeIntervalSeconds intervalSecs(interval);

            //Returns the time alarm is scheduled to expire
            TTime & iNDT = iAlarm.NextDueTime();

            //Set the NextDueTime in which alarm will expire
            iNDT = ihomeTime + intervalSecs;
            //problem with time object
            //iNDT = time;

            TAlarmMessage& imessage(iAlarm.Message());
            imessage.Copy(_L("Alarm")); //Alarm message

I want to create alarm for specific date I have change date and time but it is giving me alert at same time when code execure because it is storing time value in negative even though I am giving positive value.

Can anyone help me how to set and pass value for TTime.