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Thread: Sockets in SIP.

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    Sockets in SIP.

    Hi All,

    I have made a VOIP application which on launch will ask for selection of access points to connect. Once the user select an access point, SIP registration will occur.

    My problem is, consider i am connected with an WLan access point and made a VOIP call to a destination. Now i am slowly moves out of WLan range, immediately call disconnects and a pop up shown by device to choose access point is appeared.

    I think this is because of socket connection, but i don't want device pop up to be appeared. I have a small connection manager module which will try connecting with the access point by itself with out asking any inputs from users.
    I am monitoring the connection status using RConnection, so when ever internet is disconnected i am getting notification. So after getting notification i taught to implement by connection manager module but before that device access point selection pop up is appeared.

    pls Correct me if i am wrong.

    So how to solve this problem. Pls help me...


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    Re: Sockets in SIP.

    Any solutions / suggestions pls....

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