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    i have problem for s 60 3 rd version

    "NetBeans IDE was not found or is not correct version (5.0 or newer). Please install it before installing this Plugin. Installer will now exit."

    any one knows plz tell me the email id govardhan.inampudi@gmail.com

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    Re: i have problem for s 60 3 rd version

    Which plugin you trying to install?

    You can download NetBeans IDE here http://www.netbeans.org/downloads/

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    Re: i have problem for s 60 3 rd version

    NetBeans is not required/supported for Symbian C++ development. The S60 3rd Edition FP2 SDK contains also Java development support and that's why NetBeans is seeked at install time.

    If you intend to do Symbian C++ development only then start the SDK install, chose Custom install and disable all J2ME related items (Eclipse and NetBeans installation, documentation, examples ...) then continue the install. That of couse only if as a result of the described error you have canceled the installation. If not you probably have a valid Symbian C++ install already so use the guidance from "yesterday's useful link" in my signature to verify the install and get you started.

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