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    Using autofocus on the N96 under C++?

    I'm trying to write a camera application in C++ for the N96 which needs to use the autofocus facility.

    I followed the instructions at http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...in_S60_devices
    and made an application that works successfully on the N95 (S60 FP1) with autofocus.

    I then tried to follow the FP2 version of these instructions, and sure enough autofocus did not work on the N96
    (as the page says: "the current version of the example application does not yet support Nokia N79 and N96").
    Looking around this forum, it appears other people have had similar trouble.

    So the question is, is there any way to drive the autofocus feature on the N96 in C++? Has anyone written a C++
    program to do this? It would be a great shame if it were not possible.

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    Re: Using autofocus on the N96 under C++?

    I suppose that, if it is implemented and working, it would be used through the advanced settings API, which I believe is available in API plug-ins fro FP2, though I have no idea if it would actually work on n96, but you can always try out, and if you get it working, Wiki could do with example always..

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    Re: Using autofocus on the N96 under C++?

    Thank you for your reply. The 'advanced settings API' is what the page I referred to recommends, but unfortunately it only works for *some* FP2 devices. In particular, as the page says and as I found, it doesn't work for the N96. So is there an alternative approach - perhaps a special plug-in library - available for the N96?

    Example code would be very welcome if anyone has managed to get this to work.

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    Re: Using autofocus on the N96 under C++?


    Obviously it is possible because the built-in camera application uses auto-focus. I'm not aware of any public solution for this though. I expect it will either be resolved by a future firmware update, or a new plug-in. If you can't wait for one then I guess your only option is a technical support request and possible API partnering.


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    Re: Using autofocus on the N96 under C++?

    Please forgive me the negative stance here, but I have to tell you that if your app depends on image quality, better avoid the N96.

    I have this phone myself and absolutely _LOATHE_ the camera it has!

    I have made the experience that users usually blame the app and not the device for bad pictures...so avoiding the N96 could very well help you with brand reputation at a very minor cost....the box has not sold too well as far as I know.

    @Nokia: sorry if this offends anyone, but I feel that being direct is better than lying...
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    Re: Using autofocus on the N96 under C++?

    Use old camera interface (CCamera:NewL, CCamAutoFocus, MCameraObserver )for N96.
    Look here ( http://www.forum.nokia.com/forum/sho...d.php?t=152427 ).

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