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    start widget development


    i m new to WRT widget development. i have studied few things abt it. Now i want to start with widget development.i have a lot of queries.

    1.what i got from information available on forum ,i don't need anything to install special for widget development.Basic things needed are neglected.

    i have already installed S60 5TH Edition SDK.

    Do i need to install any plugins or something else?

    2.What is Web Developer's Library 1.3 .What i have to do with it for developing widgets.

    3.Is there any connectivity between Symbian C++ and Widgets..ya i know that i can run widgets on s60 emulator.. Can i have an application which is combination of symbian c++ and widget.

    4.Can i get one working example on widget..

    Can anybody give me one line answer to these questions

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    Re: start widget development

    Check out http://www.forum.nokia.com/Resources...s/Web_Runtime/
    Where you can get lot of Docs and Examples. Also dont forget to go through Forum Nokia Wiki

    You can find Web Developer's Library here

    Also have a look at Web RunTime API reference

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    Re: start widget development

    Welcome to the magical world of Mobile application development. Actually, the minimal things that you need is a text editor & zip applciation, but of course if you want to do the development a bit better, you could get Aptana and install the WRT plug-in into it. Then of course the 5th edition SDK is good for testing the Widget in PC.

    Developer library is sort of help documnetation, it would help you to understand different APIs and how you can use them.

    for 3, short answer is No. You can not combine symbian codes in your Widget, but then again you an run Widget in Symbian application, though the communications between the runtimes is rather non-existent. Also currently you can not utilize WRT specific APIs in your own Symbian application, though I gotta remember to public my example on using device interface on own brower control soon, so bit help coming in there..

    Check Wiki for examples, there is plenty, and if you are interested on REST services, I made some sceleton application there last weekend: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...th_WRT_widgets

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    Re: start widget development

    1. The minimum set of tools is a text editor, an image/bitmap editor and a tool to make zip files (which you name with the .wgz extension).

    2. I don't know.

    3. No, not directly. No. A widget can launch a Symbian application, though.

    4. http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...b_Runtime_(WRT)

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