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    GCCE build target doesn't compile

    Hello, I've just downloaded carbide v2 and SDK 3rd edition FP2 and i wanted to skim through the template examples given with the IDE so i created an EXE project and it worked just fine for WINSCW but when i tried to build it for GCCE there was some lines marked with red on the console output that says
    "Sorry, \epoc32\gcc\bin\as.exe is not supported in this release. please use a different device""
    What release did it mean?
    That was for GCCE udeb and urel and för armv5 there was another message
    "Platform ARMv5 not supported by "\Symbian\Carbide\workspace\Console\group\BLD.inf"
    How can i provide support for ARMv5 in the BLD.inf (PRJ_PALTFORM DEFAUT is currently in the file)

    And could somebody tell me the difference between build for ARM5 and GCCE . Does it have anything to do with the difference between GCC and RVCT?

    I'm running windows vista ultimate and i did what the SDK told me to do in the vistaplugin folde.

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    Re: GCCE build target doesn't compile


    For Armv5 you can mention following in bld.inf


    As you can see we have mentioned 3 platforms above winscw, armv5, gcce.

    Try replacing default with the stuff given above. It should resolve the problem


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    Re: GCCE build target doesn't compile

    The ARMV5 configuration requires the commercial RVCT compiler. If you have it then ensure that PRJ_PLATFORMS section of bld.inf is properly configured. N.B. the DEFAULT keyword includes ARMV5 so if you have that one it's also OK, no correction needed.

    As for the "\epoc32\gcc\bin\as.exe" problem there are plenty of discussions on this board about it. See http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q...\bin\as.exe%22

    From what I can see the problem might come from wrong %PATH% settings and the problem is frequently mentioned with Windows Vista installs. See this old thread as a starter: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=107308
    -- Lucian

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