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    GUI apllication compilation error

    Hello, I've a problem compiling the standard template GUI application supplied with carbide c++ v2 . when i first created the project there is line of code that says "#include "proj_name_0xEF9A68B0.hlp.hrh" in the proj_nameAppUi.cpp file and it gives a comile time error saying that the file is not found
    The second error is in the second line
    array->AppendL(TCoeHelpCpntexzt(KUidproj_nameApp, KGeneral_Information));
    complaining that KGeneral_Information is not defined

    The complete source can be listed by creating the standard template GUI project supplied with carbide c++ v2 (By the way carbide c++ v1.3 gave exactly the same message) I haven't touched any single line of code I SWEAR !

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    Re: GUI apllication compilation error

    These missing elements are about the help file of your application, they apparently have not been generated. There are some threads discussing the same issue (you can try searching for KGeneral_Information for example, since this identifier comes from the template thus independent from your project), it may be a matter of the Perl version, I do not really remember.
    Or a quickfix can be commenting both lines.

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