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    What is the compression sms?


    What is compression messaging?
    How can i send a compressed sms? And How can i decompresse it when i receive a compressed sms?

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    RE: What is the compression sms?

    Data coding scheme of short message can indicate that the text is
    being compressed. See GSM specification 03.38.
    Text can be compressed using the GSM standard compression algorithm.
    See GSM specification 03.42.
    M, Forum Nokia

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    Smile Re: What is the compression sms?

    SMS compression can be achieved by a on phone application that compresses the message and sends it in its own encoding as an SMS.

    The same application should be resident on the other phone to decode the message and display it to the user.

    See CleverTexting.com (offers 50% compression in the initial version of English text)

    and PaniniKeypad.com (offers 350% compression of Unicode SMS)

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