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Thread: common problem

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    common problem


    actually my pc was formated and now i install all the software but after installtion of all the software when i build my code a common error is came every time the error is

    error: `KMmfUidPluginInterfaceController' was not declared in this scope[..//..//..//..//..//..//Symbian//9.1//S60_3rd_MR//EPOC32//include/mmf/common/mmfcontroller.h]

    mmfPluginInterfaceUIDs.hrh: No such file or directory[..//..//..//..//..//..//Symbian//9.1//S60_3rd_MR//EPOC32//include/mmf/common/mmfcontroller.h:14]

    what is the problem with me

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    Re: common problem

    hey.. In your pc, how many sdk did u install? if more then one..
    check your default device

    try this on command line
    devices -default

    and if its not the one which you would like to be default
    change with command "devices -setdefault......"
    How to check?
    “devices –help” on command line.
    it will display all command list for devices.

    let me know your problem resolved or not?

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    Re: common problem

    if you previously installed and compiled it using v3.0 then it will not compile using MR as some .h files has been moved
    remedy is to add \epoc32\include\mmf\plugin to your SYSTEMINCLUDE in mmp file.

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    Re: common problem

    first of all uninstal all your sdk's,codewarrior(carbide)& active perl after taking all projects backup and then reinstal the sdk mr version,codewarrior(carbide) & activeperl then your problem will be solved

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