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    Extended JPEG Decoder


    Im using Symbian OS 9.5.

    Im trying to understand the implementation of the Extended JPEG

    decoder which is required to display JPEG images using the

    ImageViewer for tv-out display.

    The ImageViewer makes use of the tvoutengine

    dll(S60\mw\imagehandling\imagehandlingutilties) in order to display on

    TV screen. As per the implementation already provided, the

    tvoutengine creates a CExtJpegDecoder object and a

    CVisualFrame(containing CImageFrame) object as the destination to

    be given to the decoder. It then calls ConvertL on the


    As per the Symbian documentation, for destinations of type

    CImageFrame, the client app must call the api ConvertFrame of

    CJPEGImageFrameDecoder. However i cannot trace any calls on this

    API either from the client app(tvoutengine) or from the


    Is it not necessary to use ConvertFrame? If so, who should call it- the

    tvoutengine or CExtJPEGDecoder (in its implementation of


    Any suggestions are welcome...Thanks!

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    Re: Extended JPEG Decoder


    Symbian OS v9.5 isn't publicly released yet and so I think you are sharing Symbian partner only information on this public board. I very much doubt anyone will be able to help you here - I'd suggest you try SDN++ instead, or technical support from Symbian (well actually it's Nokia now).


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    Re: Extended JPEG Decoder

    Thanks Sorcery! I've posted my question on SDN++

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