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    (Dis)-Connection Problems

    Hi all,

    I've got several Connection Problems here for HTTP-Connections. First and foremost: After trying to connect with an MMS-IaP (which does not work), the RunL of the Connection throws me a KErrNoMemory, which I do not understand because there's 40M of free heap left. I then close the connection, my DoCancel does:

    void CClientEngine::DoCancel()
    	iConnectionSetupDone = EFalse;
    When I now try to reopen with a WLAN-IaP, it either says KErrNoMemory or KErrCouldNotConnect. After closing and reopening the program, the WLAN-IaP works. BUT: I also tried destroying and re-creating the whole Connection Object without closing the program and this does not work !?! This Problem does not arise on the N82 (FP1), only on the N79 (FP2).

    Second thing: I'm using CAPSelect to define the IaPs. On my N79 I recognised that there's something as a IaP and WAP-ID, which are not the same. So I'm doing a
    on the IaP returned by CApSelect, but I'm wondering because the documentation states nowhere that CApSelect returns WAP Ids and also it states nowhere explicitly that the connectPref takes IaP IDs. Is is correct what I'm doing? BTW: What is the alternative to CApSelect, as it's deprecated now?

    Thanks for all your help!

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