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    Question How can I test Platform Services?

    I have a question regarding S60 5th edition specific APIs: how can I test a Flash Lite application that uses Platform Services? Is it necessary to use a real device?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Re: How can I test Platform Services?

    I wuls suppose that the "device" interface would be available in the emulator, but to be fully honest, I have not used it in emulator ever. At least the sensors etc. that would need some HW will not work.

    Anyway, you don't need to buy any hardware for just testing purposes, you could always try out our remove device access (RDA) service for free.

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    Re: How can I test Platform Services?

    When you say emulator, do you mean the S60 5th edition emulator, or the Device Central ones? The S60 emulator seems not to support SWF (am I wrong?), while on the Device Central I have no access to "real" Platform Services...


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