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Thread: RTSP on N95

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    RTSP on N95


    Is it possible to reduce the time of the prefetching when playing an video over rtsp? I create a player and sometimes I have to wait 10seconds before the player starts...
    Is there a possibility to reduce this prefetch time or is there a way to display a progressbar when a player prefetches?


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    Re: RTSP on N95

    I have adapted the RTSP Datasource implementation of Vikram Goyal. When I try to play with that custom datasource I have seen that the player doesn't use that datasource!
    The getStreams method is called and the rtsp connection is made and protocol data is being transmitted. The read method of the SourceStream is never called. Instead the player takes over the control and talks with the rtsp server itself (the player has the url by calling getLocator of the datasource)

    How does it come that the player bypasses my sourcestream??


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