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    HTTP transaction query

    Hi all,
    I am working on S60 3rd edition. I am using the HTTP engine present in forum nokia to carry out get and post transaction. In this regard i have a few queries. I am giving relevant parts of the code.
    void CHttpEngine::MHFRunL(RHTTPTransaction aTransaction, const THTTPEvent& aEvent)
      case THTTPEvent::EGotResponseBodyData:
           // Get text of response body
    	MHTTPDataSupplier* dataSupplier = aTransaction.Response().Body();
    	TPtrC8 ptr;
    	// Convert to 16-bit descriptor
    	HBufC* buf = HBufC::NewLC(ptr.Length());
    		// Append to iResponseBuffer
    	if (!iResponseBuffer)
    	    iResponseBuffer = buf->AllocL();
    	  iResponseBuffer = iResponseBuffer->ReAllocL(iResponseBuffer->Length() + buf->Length());
    	// Release buf
    	// Release the body data
    I am accumulating the response that i am getting from the server in 16 bit descriptor (iResponseBuffer).
    Now i am printing the respose using Information note. I have tested this application and it displays proper
    data. Now i want to make the application multilingual (English and Hindi). Now using localization technique
    i am displaying the static Hindi or English data. But i need to display the dynamic data that comes from the server in Hindi or english depending on what the server is sending. Now if the server sends Hindi data,
    and using the information note i display the iResponseBuffer, will it display in Hindi or do i need to do
    anything else to display this dynamic data in Hindi.

    thanks and regards,

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    Re: HTTP transaction query

    Try to use class CCnvCharacterSetConverter ( see http://www.forum.nokia.com/document/...FDFFC812B.html )

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    Re: HTTP transaction query

    Also make sure that the device has fonts defining characters for the language, if it does not, then all missing characters are shown as empty squares.

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