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Thread: Sms MMs monitor

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    Sms MMs monitor

    Hi, i have to write an application that is able to intercept all outgoing and incoming sms/mms, can you suggest me wich class i have to use?
    I think i must use AO. But can i wait for 2 or more enents on the same AO?

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    Re: Sms MMs monitor

    The AO-rule is simple: one event per AO at a time. But that is not a problem, since you can have many AO-s.
    However in this specific case you do not necessarily need an AO: when you use CMsvSession, you always have to implement MMsvSessionObserver, having a single HandleSessionEventL method. And this method always gets invoked when anything happens with the Message Server. Anything includes creating and sending messages too.

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