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    Question updateoptions.UpdateInterval Limitatios

    The following code allow me to keep track of the user location and it works just fine. However everytime I try to set the attribute UpdateInterval with any value higher then 10 seconds a error occurr "Error: invalid transaction id", that makes me wonder. Is there something wrong with my code or it just a limitation from the Location Service API?

    Thanks in advance

    Romulo Santos

    <---- BEGIN --------->
    function traceLocation() {
    var success = false;
    var updateoptions = new Object();
    updateoptions.PartialUpdates = false;
    updateoptions.UpdateInterval = 9999999; // or less, IT WORKS
    updateoptions.UpdateInterval = 10000000; // or more,

    var criteria = new Object();
    criteria.LocationInformationClass = "GenericLocationInfo" ;
    criteria.Updateoptions = updateoptions;

    try {
    var result = so.ILocation.Trace(criteria, callback);
    if(!checkError("ILocation::traceLocation",result)) {
    success = true;

    catch (e) {
    alert ("ERROR traceLocation: " + e);
    return sucess;

    <---- END --------->

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    Unhappy Re: updateoptions.UpdateInterval Limitatios

    Has anybody else had the same issue??

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    Re: updateoptions.UpdateInterval Limitatios

    I have the same issue. And the only way round I can think of is to use a GetLocation on a loop.
    In addition to that, if the phone loose GPS the Trace stops and doesn't come back when the phone picks up GPS again...

    Did you find anything since you your post?

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