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    Question Draw Method ... Basic Doubt

    Hi All

    I need a help..

    I have a splash screen..
    I need to show that for a while before going to my home screen

    I tried many ways... Like User::After etc...

    But the Draw method is working asynchronously... I want to know when the Draw() method is completed

    Could anyone help me out in this... I ve wasted lot of time trying this.

    When the draw method complete is notified i can call the home screen after a delay using the User::After

    Please any one help me out


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    Re: Draw Method ... Basic Doubt

    Search key splash screen actually reveals something in the Wiki, and you may try checking Paul's related blog entry: http://blogs.forum.nokia.com/blog/pa...ur-application

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    Re: Draw Method ... Basic Doubt

    A lay man solution:
    I would suggest u to look at the example of multiviews example in SDK how to switch between views. Implement an active object to it.

    I have implemented one such, First SetDefaultViewL() to splash screen then start an active object, such that it shows the splash screen for predefind time say 5 seconds and then when the control comes to the RunL method for the second time, switch to ur home screen...

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