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    Question How to put some MACRO into mmp using pro?


    I want to put this:

    OPTION	CW -wchar_t on
    into my mmp file but anytime I do it the file is overwritten by qmake. I suppose I should define some variables in pro file but I don't know their names. I've already tried to define Symbian scope and define OPTION and MACRO variables there but it doesn't work - nothing new is created in mmp file.

    Perhaps you would have some ideas?

    S60 5th v0.9
    Qt 4.4.4-temple

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    Re: How to put some MACRO into mmp using pro?


    MMP_RULES += "OPTION	CW -wchar_t on"
    That should do it. I'm not sure if there's a platform independent way to add compiler options but the MMP_RULES keyword can be used to add anything direct to the .pro file.


    P.S. This info is in the Qt for S60 developers library, in the Qt for S60 Guide section under "Development process of Qt applications on S60 architecture".

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