I am trying to get a CEikRichTextEditor to input characters - currently it will only input numbers.

I actually have a working CEikRichTextEditor which allows character and numeric input in a basic application (where the AppUi owns the CCoeControl). However when I put the editor into a view based application, it will not allow character input.

I've overridden InputCapabilities() as some posts suggests, but this is not getting called in the Control. I have also implemented this in the AppUI - this is getting called, but still no character input.

I've tried constructing from resource where i've set the following flags
RESOURCE RTXTED r_richtext_editor
	width = 176;
	height = 180;
	textlimit = 2000;
	avkon_flags = EAknEditorFlagDefault;
	default_case = EAknEditorLowerCase;
	allowed_case_modes = EAknEditorUpperCase | EAknEditorLowerCase;
	numeric_keymap = EAknEditorPlainNumberModeKeymap;
	allowed_input_modes = EAknEditorTextInputMode | EAknEditorNumericInputMode;
	default_input_mode = EAknEditorTextInputMode;
	special_character_table = R_AVKON_SPECIAL_CHARACTER_TABLE_DIALOG;
and also constructed from code, setting the input mode flags
I've tried unfocusing and refocusing the editor. The control is on the control stack and is recieving key events, but it will only display numeric values.

This is odd as I have a working version in a non-view based app. I also have the example RichTextEditor working, which comes with the sdk. But as soon as I add this code to a view based app, it no-longer accepts character input.

Have I missed something? Is the view blocking the framework call to InputCapabilities()?


P.S. I'm using 3rd Ed FP2 and problem occurs on both emulator and device.