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    Thumbs down Camera display mode

    I'm testing a camera app in N93i.

    When I call

    TDisplayMode displayMode = CEikonEnv::Static()->WsSession().GetDefModeMaxNumColors(color, gray);

    I suppose it return the max number color of the phone support. In my case it return

    My question is :
    I don't want to use "EColor16MU", I want to use even smaller color like "EColor64K".
    I'm actually using

    iDisplayMode = EColor64K;
    iColorDepth = CCamera::EFormatFbsBitmapColor64K;

    for my application. It is working fine in N93i so far.
    1. I'm just wondering if there will be any side-effect if I don't use the displayMode return from WsSession().GetDefModeMaxNumColors?

    2. Is EColor64K and EFormatFbsBitmapColor64K working with all S60 3rd phone?

    I'm appreciated if you can give me any advise.


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    Re: Camera display mode

    As far as I know it should be fine for you to use whatever mode you want internally in your application.
    This is not optimal though as there will have to be a conversion to screen display mode when you blit your image data through
    BitGDI. Still, if you do not though this more than once per frame, it should not kill you.

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    Re: Camera display mode

    Also note that default mode is one thing, but the current mode (reported by CWsScreenDevice:isplayMode) might be an other one.

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