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    Getting the Contents of the WML Browser in Nokia 7650

    Hi All,

    I want to access the contents of the WML Browser provided on Nokia 7650. To be specific, my job is to build an automatic form filler. The scenario would be as explained below:

    1) The user is browsing some sites from the browser.
    2) on a certain site he finds a particular page asking him to fill up his information.
    3) an application running in the background (my application) keeps a lookout for such pages.
    4) Now it knows the contents of the page, it parses the contents and fills up the values automatically.
    5) the task is accomplished

    On Windows I can do this by building a BHO (Browser Helper Object) and on WinCE I can do the same thing by getting an pointer to an instance of a PIE (Pocket Internet Explorer) container using the COM Interfaces provided.

    I am new to Symbian OS and have read that Nokia gives such interfaces.

    I would be grateful if somebody can help me out in this.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Naresh (aka Wolverine)

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    RE: Getting the Contents of the WML Browser in Nokia 7650


    What first comes to my mind is using Wallet data to fill in the fields in a WML page but Wallet is not supported in Series 60 device (as Nokia 7650) so you can not use that technology. Wallet enables storing for example payment information (credit card details, delivery address, billing address etc.) and when you access a WML page containing fields in special ECML format, you can call Wallet application to fill in the fields without needing to do it manually. But as said, this is not possible in Nokia 7650 because it does not have Wallet application.

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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