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    SDK don't has networking examples

    Hi guys,

    I have read the topic "Using the sockets API" from wiki.
    I have been looking for a working example.
    When i searched in SDK documentation, it said examples are located in "\examples\Networking\TcpIp" folder. But i didn't find any foder named Networking in my SDK installation directories. I have searched in s60 3rd edition, s60 3rd edition EP2, and s60 5th edition SDK directories.

    Could any body tell me where can I get the socket related working examples for S60 3rd edition FP2.
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    Re: don't has network examples

    try this path in your sdk:

    good luck

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    Re: don't has network examples

    I would rather suggest the Chat example - it shows usage of TCP/IP and RFCOMM/BT sockets.

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