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    RHTTP* problem that freezes phone

    Hi all,

    our telephony application daemon (on S60 3rd FP1) is using RHTTP* for synchronization every 30 minutes and CTelephony for call handling.

    The connection is short and terminated without errors. About 6times a month, RProcess::Logon on this application from another proces returns Terminated with exit code 0 and phone has to be restarted.

    The phones are used for calling, several hours a day, so we have many temporarily blocked connections that get immediately closed. Phones are running in GSM-only mode, so they cannot have voice and data connections together.

    Sometimes there is "Network not reachable" or "Call not allowed" error message displayed.

    What could be the reason that process gets terminated without any sign of anything going wrong?
    Could it be that closing blocked connection is the problem, eg should we wait with close after call ends?
    Could it be that phone freezes because telephony objects are not freed properly, if so, would moving http code to different process help?

    We would appreciate any thoughts/ideas about what could be the problem or how it can be handled.

    Have a nice day,
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