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    Report bugs in the German software for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

    Report bugs in the German software for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

    Dear all

    Please accept my sincerest apologies, in case I'm posting this thread in a completely wrong section (but I've really had a hard time finding my way through all these different sub-boards).

    Where can I report bugs that my new Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has (German software, Swisscom, Switzerland)?
    !! Note: It may also be that sth isn't really 'bug', but simply my incapacity to handle the device properly :-D !!!

    (alleged) Bugs:
    1) When I call a contact (primarily via the green 'non-touch-screen' button), I get a blanc (black) screen, which remains throughout the call ... and I can simply stop the call with the red button.

    2) When I playback music and foreward to another song (or one song is over and automatically skips to the next one) the sound is somehow 'muted' and only comes on again, when I press the 'volume up/down' button (either on the phone or on the remote). This happens with or without headset / remote. Additionally, this is unaffected by the 'profile', i.e. it happens in all of them equally.

    3) When I add a 'detail' while editing a contact (e.g. add the birthday) the program 'contacts' crashes and I'm back to the surface screen (uhm, 'desktop' ... or whatever it's called)

    4) It's sometimes generally a bit slow (adjusting the picture, changing from vertical to horizontal display, zooming in/out, loading a video, exiting from different programs, a video etc.) ... I'm not complaining (just placing a request) ... aren't such tasks perfomed faster in, let's say, iphones?

    Thanks a lot for your assistance and efforts in advance

    With regards

    Sandro aka Merecumbé

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    Re: Report bugs in the German software for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

    Hi Sandro,

    this is a site for software developers, we are not taking care of product support nor do we investigate bugs unless they impac application development.
    Do try http://www.nokia.com/support or http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    -- Lucian

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