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Thread: Revenue share

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    Revenue share

    The FAQ and "Terms and Conditions" explicitly mentions operator billing as well as credit cards. Does the Ovi Store plan on pushing hard for user registration of their credit cards, as operator billing is seriously bad for us developers. Having just 70% of the 50% of the actual sales price is not financially viable.

    Will it be allowed to publish content that charges the user directly, outside of the Ovi Store? Either via own operator billing (still horrible, but better than 70%) or via direct debit/credit cards?

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    Re: Revenue share

    Some additional questions if I may

    i) will it be possible to limit payment options, e.g. not support payment by operator billing as we have no real interest in simply enriching operators at our expense ?.

    ii) would it be possible to have a 'base price' for applications upon which all the additional charges (e.g. the operator charges, credit card transactions etc) are applied to get to a final price. This is commonly done in the UK, e.g. practically all event ticket sales - where there is a base ticket price. If you choose to pay via method 'A' the end price is base price + X, if you choose via method 'B' end price is base + Y.

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    Responding to two points:

    1) Can the publishers choose to use credit card only versus operator billing only, or both?

    Answer: yes in the Ovi Publish system when a publisher submits their content, they have the option of choosing the payment methods they would like to use.

    2) Can the publisher use "out of network" or in application billing?

    Answer: no, we require any content that has a billing component to use the Nokia billing system. Only free, ad-enabled, or pay per download via the Nokia billing platform, content is allowed to enter the Store.

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    Re: Revenue share

    Thanks for the clarification. With regards to "out of network" or in-application billing: will the Nokia billing system support regular billing intervals, or are developers stuck with developing software that just has a one-time fee?

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    Re: Revenue share

    According to Terms and conditons.

    4.4. Payment to You will be made on a calendar quarterly basis following the end of each calendar quarter; provided that the first payment under the Program will be made to You, if due, following the end of the third calendar quarter of 2009. Payment from Nokia will be paid in Euros, which payment may be reflected differently to You based on local currency differences, exchange rates, Your bank fees and other factors beyond Nokia's control. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the total amount payable to You is less than five hundred Euros (€ 500), Nokia shall have the right to withhold payment until the next regularly scheduled quarterly payment date on which the amount payable to You equals or exceeds five hundred Euros (€ 500).

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