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    Question How to capture touch event in widget of S60 5th

    My device is 5800 and the only navigation method is touch

    but I do not know which event is touch event.

    sometimes click event can be instead of touch event

    such as click a button

    but when your finger slide down or up on the screen to make the list scroll down or up, the click event can do nothing about it

    Now, I hope someone can tell me how can I capture the event when user's finger slide up or down on the screen?

    Thank you very much~~!

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    Re: How to capture touch event in widget of S60 5th

    I would like to know aswell.
    Also like how to catch an image/button still pressed.
    I tried using OnMouseDown and OnMouseUp events and it worked fine
    with a computer and a mouse, as long as mouse button pressed action was ongoing, but not for 5800.

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    Re: How to capture touch event in widget of S60 5th

    Overide: pointerPressed in your canvas instance, something like:

    public void pointerPressed(int x, int y) {
    // do something with x,y co-ordiantes

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    Re: How to capture touch event in widget of S60 5th

    Hi bradcan,

    this is the Web Runtime discussion board, while your code seems to be Java ME-related. Please read carefully discussion threads before replying.


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