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    Question Play video in background window

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to play an mp4 video in the background of my application, using the VideoPlayer class - I want to manipulate and show frames that I grab using the GetFrameL() function, without displaying the video itself while it plays.

    I've set up a class which implements CCoeControl and MVideoPlayerUtilityObserver classes, setting up its own window to play in ( calling CreateWindowL(), SetRect(), and ActivateL() ), and passing it's window session and screen device to the VideoPlayer class, and when I call Play() it takes over my whole application and plays the video over top of everything - not what I want.

    So as far as my understanding stands, a class which implements CCoeControl is able to construct its own window and draw to that. By implementing more than one of these, am I effectively creating multiple windows within my application? If so can these windows be given selective focus? That's my idea, to have a window which the VideoPlayer class is playing in, but which I hide from the user...

    Am I doing something majorly stupid here? Anyone know a quick and dirty fix for what I want to do? I haven't included any code here cos there's just so damn much of it and I'm not sure what part would help solve this problem yet..


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    Re: Play video in background window

    AFAIK the GetFrameL has never really worked, and the video API is made in a way that it wants to draw on top of everything, so you can not really put anything on top of it without having huge flickering effect. Maybe you could try the Dev video APIs, though I do not have experience with them, and would not be sure if they could help you really.

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    Re: Play video in background window

    Ah really? That explains the flickering I've been getting then... Back to the drawing board...

    Thanks a lot for your reply!

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