We have an application that requires registration, it can't use the IMEI of the device since this is not accessible for trusted 3rd parties in Nokia's Java ME.
Thus we require the user to input a registration code this connects to our "activation server" and registers the application. My questions:

1. Would a user get a registration code like this as part of the purchase process or will have to submit an "unlocked" application?

2. If the latter (unlocked) what sort of guarantee can Nokia make against copying (e.g. installing on smartcard and moving to a different device).

3. Would there be an option for a trusted signature from Nokia itself?
This would be more similar to the "Apple experience" since trusted 3rd party is "problematic".

4. Our application requires that the user change some default permission settings, this might not be intuitive on some Nokia devices (especially S60 where the option is really hidden). Would there be a means to convey these needs?

Thank you kindly.