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    Ticketing Application with Nokia 6131 NFC

    I am trying to implement the ticketing application with a Nokia 6131 NFC phone. This application comes with Nokia 6131 NFC SDK. I also have a reader from Arygon. However, When I load the application on the phone I get java.lang.SecurityException and java.lang.NullPointerException errors. These errors are not seen in the emulator though. The forum suggests me to buy a certificate from the Certificate authority and sign my application with that certificate to get rid of the error. Is there anything else that I need to do in order to make this application work successfully. Any sort of support will really help me.

    Amar Sahu
    Amar Sahu

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    Re: Ticketing Application with Nokia 6131 NFC

    You've answered your own question. Getting your app signed is necessary. After that is eliminated, why not post back if you do have any additional errors? That should fix you up though.


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