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    [moved] S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v0.9 "undefined identifier 'TDllReason'


    I am using S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v0.9 when I try to compile this project(HttpTaskManager) getting
    an error in file TaskManagerApp.cpp which says:

    1) "undefined identifier 'TDllReason'
    2) warning: Clock skew detected. Your build may be incomplete

    Read all posts on S60 3rd editions.
    any idea what's going wrong?


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    Re: S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v0.9 "undefined identifier 'TDllReason'

    The part of code holding that reference is added for compatibility with S60 2nd Edition platform releases. Please do check the documentation regarding application's migration from S60 2nd Edition to S60 3rd Edition.

    There is a defect in that example as the macro used for SDK differentiation is __SERIES60_30__ instead of the more generic __SERIES60_3X__

    Replace all occurrences of the __SERIES60_30__ macro with __SERIES60_3X__ and all will be OK.

    Thank you for signaling this defect, we will make sure to fix it.
    -- Lucian

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