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    [moved] I want to sell the antitheft software with source code, can you help?

    Hello All,

    Thank you all for reading the post!!!

    My company has developed Anti-Theft software for Symbian series 60 2nd edition and UIQ 2 powered phones. We have also developed two types of windows based Key generators to give away the unique registration code to users to unlock the trial version. This software is currently live for sale on different online sales channels like www.handango.com and others.

    We want to sell out this product with complete SOURCE CODE to any interesting company.

    Yes, you read it right, it’s with source code!!!

    We have a set of very formal reasons for it.

    1. We are not interested in porting the application on the Symbian Series 60 3rd edition and other platforms
    2. We are in a process to raise the funds to explore opportunities in the desktop software development.
    3. We want that the masterpiece i.e. code created by our company should not be in vein.

    This antitheft software includes 5 (FIVE) subprojects i.e. 2 .lib files,2 .mdl files, 1 .exe file and 1 .app files which are as follows:

    1. First .lib file gives functionality of normal keygenerator to be embedded in the main app.
    2. Second lib file gives functionality of RPN based keygenerator to be embedded in the main app.
    3. First .mdl makes the application auto start on phone restart.
    4. Second .mdl makes the application as MIME compatible.
    5. .exe file provides functionality for uninstalling the application from the phone.
    6. .app is the main application file.

    Feature of software design:

    1. Software is completely designed using object oriented technology.
    2. Every single minute detail is documented.

    Features of software:

    1.Reads the IMSI, Cell ID, Country code and IMEI of the phone.
    2.Remains invisibly installed in the phone and only authentic user can access it with the password. It cannot be seen even in the default list of installed applications.
    3.Uses very low memory i.e around 200K of RAM in runtime.
    4.Backs up all the contacts and SMS
    5.Invisibly sends SMS which cannot be traced in the phone. No log entries can be found.

    I am in a search of potential buyer who can buy this complete system. I want to give away the product with exclusive rights to the buyer so that our role will be finished from the brand development and the buyer may customize it, rebrand it or resell it. Everything will be done according to the legal software acquisition agreement only. I am expecting not less than 20K USD (which is very very reasonable from our side) for this product. I will reveal the software name and the my company's name at the start of the discussion.

    All interested parties are request to send their quote(s) at shaperu@gmail.com

    I would really appreciate and reward any help to find out the potential buyer for me.

    Once again, thank you all for reading the post!!!

    P.S. : I believe that this is the place of developers and a developer can only understand the value of the SOURCE CODE.
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