hi all,
i've justed started programming a tool to download sms' from a mobile phone (testing is with sony ericsson t68i).
all worked fine so far:
i'm able to decode sms' correctly (even concatenated ones)
but when a animation is defined in the udh, decoded tpdu data is messed up.
a sms with a short text (three characters) and a animation.
all works fine till i decode the text, which in this case should be
'i' is 0x69 1101001
'L' is 0x4C 1001100
'D' is 0x44 1000100

but what i get is:
'R' 0x52 1010010
"teta" 0x19 0011001
'I' 0x49 1001001

thus before decoding it was
0xD2 11010010
0x4C 01001100
0x32 00110010

by the way dcs was set to 0x00, which is 7bit default alphabet.

the phone displays the message correctly, so what am i doing wrong?

please help me, i'm getting mad.

thx in advance