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    E71 bugs when connected to an Ad Hoc wireless network

    My new E71 works quite well, the only major problem I have is that I can't connect it to any Ad Hoc network. More specifically, I can connect it to this kind of network but when I try to open any application that require internet, such as VOIP or Opera, the phone just shut down and restart. If I don't open such an application, the phone end-up shuting down anyway after a while. The phone works fine with a common wireless wifi connection
    and with Blutooth.
    It's pretty annoying, meaning I'll have to buy a router for no reason. Has any one experienced this problem yet?
    Thanks in advance,

    PS: I had the same problem with two different Ad Hoc networks, made by two different computer.

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    Re: E71 bugs when connected to an Ad Hoc wireless network

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Developer discussion board, as this DiBo concentrates on development related issues, you might find more end-user problems related Dibo better suited for your query. Here's link for one: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

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