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    Backup and Restore Problem

    Hi Experts,

    I am testing backup and restore. I followed steps from link http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...B_applications and link http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...up_and_restore

    Steps I did,
    1) Installed application GUI and EXE. Run it
    2) Took a complete backup
    3) Uninstalled Application both GUI and EXE.
    4) Restored from backup
    5) Application restored and I can run GUI app perfectly fine
    >>>>6) My GUI app actually starts EXE on a menu command and I am not able to start EXE.<<<
    I checked memory card in data mode and my EXE is restored in sys/bin however when I try to start app. I get an error -1 (not found) with RApaLsSession:StartApp

                    TThreadId app_threadid;
                    CApaCommandLine* cmdLine; 
                    cmdLine->SetCommandL( EApaCommandRun );
                    RApaLsSession ls;
                    TInt err = ls.StartApp(*cmdLine,app_threadid);
                    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // cmdLine
                    TBuf<128> buf;
                    CEikonEnv::InfoWinL(_L("Error in start App: "),buf);
    This code works fine without backup-restore.

    I am not able to understand why I get KErrNotFound when application is present in sys/bin of memory card? and Executable file for GUI app is also in same folder but that works fine.

    Few More Details:
    I install both GUI and EXE via single package/sis file but since these 2 apps have difference uid so I have 2 backup_registration.xml each kept in their private folder

    Please help
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    Re: Backup and Restore Problem

    Any Idea champs?

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    Re: Backup and Restore Problem :: Call Audio Control Plugin

    Hi Experts,

    I found the problem. Problem is happening because my application includes callAudioControl_31_0x10207bd2.SISX for FP1 and callAudioControl_32_0x10207bd2.SISX for FP2.

    Looks like This pluging is not build with backup_registrations.xml. When doing backup/restore CallAudioControl is not backedup/restored. So after restore my app doesn't start. After restore if I install CAC plugin again it works fine.

    SymbianSigned has a requirement of backup restore and we have to go through symbiansigned because we are using non-user granted capabilities.

    It will be very helpful if some official Nokia people (Like Mr. Ltomuta or Nokia Ron etc) can guide on this or update plugin with backup/restore functionality.

    Best Regards
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    Re: Backup and Restore Problem

    Hi gailu,

    This is a known issue and it applies to many/all of our sis files but we will try to ensure the backup support from now on.

    A workaround for this problem is to add the appropriate registration file yourself, from your own package by adding the following line to the PKG next to the one that embedds the sis:

    ; embed my_sis_file.sisx
    @"my_sis_file.sisx", (0xUID3UID3)
    ; fix backup support for my_sis_file.sisx
    "BinaryBackup.xml" - "!:\private\10202D56\import\packages\UID3UID3\backup_registration.xml"
    where UID3 in in your case 10207bd2 and the *.xml file is the standard system backup:

    <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes" ?>
       <system_backup />
    Details about how this works in SDK's documentation and in TSS001073 - Backup of add-on DLLs
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Backup and Restore Problem

    Dear Mr. Ltomuta,


    Thanks you very much for your help.

    Thanks Again

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    Re: Backup and Restore Problem

    Hi Lucian,

    I am reopening this thread.

    Your proposed solution worked perfect earlier when I reported this problem back in Feb. Now I am facing another problem in the same area.

    I had developed 2 apps. Both uses CallAudioControl plugin and in package file I use following line to make sure that CallAudioControl is backedup properly.

    "BinaryBackup.xml" - "!:\private\10202D56\import\packages\UID3UID3\backup_registration.xml"
    Both application works fine independently. However here is the problem

    If app1 is already installed and I try to install app2 I get an installation "update error" becuase of this backup_registration.xml. If app1 is already installed I can only install app2 when I comment above mentioned line and rebuild app2.

    Use Case:
    1. If customer may install any one app, in which case for proper back back_registration.xml for CAC should be installed by each individual app.

    2. If customer install both apps then second app won't install

    3. Customer may have CAC already installed due some other third party app and if that third party app includes above line for backup. My application won't install.

    Question: How do I resolve this? Is it possible to check during installation that
    already exist so do not try to install?

    There is a very strict procedure on OVI QA so they won't accept if they see update error. If I skip CallAudioControl back-restore then there is problem with symbian signing compliance.

    I tried below but still get update error but if comment line altogether then it works fine.
    if exists("!:\private\10202D56\import\packages\10207bd2\backup_registration.xml")
    "..\sis\cac_backup_registration.xml" -"!:\private\10202D56\import\packages\10207bd2\backup_registration.xml"
    I am stuck. Could you please help.

    Any help is appreciated.
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