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    armv5 does not work in Carbide

    Hi, I use Carbide c++ v 2.0 OEM edition.

    I have RVCT 2.2. installed. I can build my project OK on command line with "abld build armv5 udeb/urel".

    When I import my project in Carbide, emulator build works, but armv5 build ("Build configuration->Phone Release (armv5)") does not. My project consists of multiple mmp files.

    Carbide seems to compile some of the files, or at least it does create some ".d" files:

    " file.cpp
    Created \S60\devices\S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v0.9\EPOC32\BUILD\myproject\group\mmpname\ARMV5\urel\file.d "

    But then it stops with an error:

    " C:\myproject\group\someotherfile.d does not exist "

    I have no idea what Carbide is doing here.. What are these .d files anyway? Why Carbide creates them, and does the command line build chain create them?

    How can I make Carbide to build my project?

    Please ask if you need any clarifications...

    My ultimate goal is to create a device debug build using armv5 udeb target and debug that in Carbide. If I do a armv5 udeb build on command line and then start debugging in Carbide, the break points are all messed up. I.e. Carbide does not stop at the right locations in code. So I hope that doing the build in Carbide vs. on command line would take this problem away.


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    Re: armv5 does not work in Carbide

    Clean and then delete the project from Carbide.c++ (do not delete the source code though) and to make sure that all files are removed delete the "\S60\devices\S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v0.9\EPOC32\BUILD\myproject" directory.

    Then import the project in Carbide.c++ and build it. If there are still problems post the full console output here.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: armv5 does not work in Carbide

    I had the same cpp file twice in my mmp file. Because of this I got the strange .d file does not exist error.

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