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    Multiple images for each list item

    I want to create list items with images. I am able to display items with one string and one image using list(stringpart,imagepart)...

    I want multiple images to display for single string item . (something like list(string,images[]))

    I tried to combine two images in one .png . But it doesn't looks good.

    Any solution?

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    Re: Multiple images for each list item

    Hi priteshgajjar,

    there is no way to use more than 1 image per item in a Java ME List. Only available workaround is the one you've described: combine more images into a single Image instance.

    As an alternative, you could try using a Form and extending CustomItem to create items with the look-and-feel you want.


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    Re: Multiple images for each list item

    custom item seems like the best option here like jappit says...
    another option would be to make ur own list implementation in canvas (which is also somewhat the case with a custom Item)...
    just keep in mind when using images in ur lists that every device supports different sizes, so what looks good on one device (as image in a list) might be cropped or cut on another device !

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