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    Converting bitmap to jpeg or gif or png format.

    Hi everybody,
    I am trying to develop an application for Nokia 7650, which can convert and save the bitmap image in formats like jpeg or gif or png. I am following the bitmap manipulation example 'BMPMANIP' and using the class 'CMdaImageBitmapToFileUtility' for converting and saving the file. But it uses the 'TMda24BppBmpCodec' & 'TMdaBmpClipFormat' and saves it as a bitmap file. I tried to replace these classes by 'TMdaPngCodec' & 'TMdaPngClipFormat' to save it as a png file. But it gives me error.

    So can anybody explain me what the error can be and how to save the bitmap information I have, as a png or jpeg or gif file.

    Thanking in anticipation.

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    RE: Converting bitmap to jpeg or gif or png format.

    Yes. I managed to save bitmap files to jpeg files. For this I had to use CMdaImageBitmapToFileUtility and CMdaImageFileToBitmapUtility class. I had to use NULL, NULL for codeces...

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    Hi hhemant,

    You can save the 24bit bitmap to .jpg?

    I also tried the bmpmanip sample code and change the SaveL( ) as following:

    TMdaJfifClipFormat jfifFormat;
    jfifFormat.iSettings.iSampleScheme = TMdaJpgSettings::EColor420;
    jfifFormat.iSettings.iQualityFactor = 45;

    iFileSaver->CreateL(JPEGSaveFileName, &jfifFormat, NULL, NULL);
    iConvertState = EConvertStateSaving;

    where JPEGSaveFileName is a .jpg filename

    However, error is returned in MiuoCreateComplete(TInt aError).

    Can you give me some hints for such an error?


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