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    Socket on Nokia 3650


    If anyone know the Nokia 3650 support the socket or not? I would like to build my application on Nokia 3650 with VC++ as listed as following:
    1) Connect a PC Server
    2) Send a command to a desktop PC via the PC Server
    3) Remote control the camera (loacted at home or office) to move left and right via Nokia 3650
    4) Send the captured video and audio back to the Nokia 3650 from home or office
    If anyone has the experience on this programming, please give me reply asap. Thanks!
    fm Wilson.HK
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    RE: Socket on Nokia 3650


    This is more of a Nokia 3650 Symbian OS related question than Browsing/WAP so I am copying the question to Symbian -> Symbian Phones discussion area.

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