My app uses VideoControl.getSnapshot to captue an image which is then processed.

The current platforms we are using are E51 and E71 phones.

The issue is that the call to getSnapshot takes approximately 2 seconds to return the image data. This along with the time the image processing takes makes the app appear sluggish.
On older phones, specifically the N70, the call to getSnapshot take less than 100ms. The identical code is runniing on both phones and the Player is properly created using ("capture://video"), realized, and prefetched befopre making the call to getSnapshot.
Supposedly the performance was similar on the N70 originally, but then improved after a firmware update. This was before my time with the project, so I am unable to confirm this.

I am looking for any advice to help inprove the performance of this part of the application.
Is this additional time used executing getSnapshot related to the higher picture quality available from the camera that the E series uses?
Is this a limitation in the MMAPI java implementation?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.