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    Which one is faster? Receiving SMS from SMSC or auto run application?

    I want to develop an application for intercepting SMS messages. It should auto-run when the mobile phone initialize completely.

    There is a scenario: someone sends me a SMS when my phone is power off. As we know, the SMS gets stored in the SMSC. When I turn on my phone, the SMSC will send me the stored SMS. I am wondering that which one is faster? Receiving that SMS from SMSC or auto-run application. If the later one is faster, the SMS could be intercepted by the application successfully. Otherwise, the SMS will go to the inbox instead of being intercepted by the application.

    Does it depend on the phones?

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    Re: Which one is faster? Receiving SMS from SMSC or auto run application?

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Developer Discussion boards.

    IMHO the program will start earlier. Just try to check in practice.

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