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    Multiple dropdown on Nokia 9210

    I have problem creating a multiple dropdown on a Nokia 9210 (HTML browser). A normal dropdown works fine, but when I make it multiple it won't show up at all.

    The code looks like this:
    <select name="test" multiple="true">
    <option>val 1</option>
    <option>val 2</option>
    <option>val 3</option>
    <option>val 4</option>

    I have tried these alternatives and none works:
    <select name="test" multiple>
    <select name="test" multiple="true">
    <select name="test" multiple="multiple">

    What is wrong?

    Stefan kerberg

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    RE: Multiple dropdown on Nokia 9210


    I tested this too and could not get it work either. So it seems that this is problem in the Nokia 9210 Communicator web browser and it does not support multiple attribute for Select element.

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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